With the development of society, light is integrated into human life in more and more forms. Space, lines, and structures all have light, and light narrates a story before it is expressed in words.


Louis Geer specializes in lighting solutions, providing precise light control for commercial spaces, so that each commercial space can achieve a comfortable light environment.


Louis Geer works closely with architects, lighting designers and interior designers to ensure that light is a perfectly coordinated and valuable element in modern spaces.





The value creator of lighting

Lighting service provider around you
Let every light have its own value
Leading Technology

Advanced equipment, standardized dust-free production workshop,

18 quality inspections before shipment.

Guarantee product quality

Professional Team

15 professional R&D and design team,

Everyone has more than 18 years of experience in R&D and design in the lighting industry,

To help you provide high-quality lighting solutions.

Intimate After-Sales

Louis Geer with professional competence

Provide free after-sales service for lighting customers,

Guaranteed solution within 24 hours