LED commercial lighting product service standards

1. Lamps: normal use, three-year warranty;

2. Electrical appliances: normal use, three-year warranty;

3. Light source: normal use, three-year warranty;

The following cases are not covered by warranty

1. Specific products, products that have been dismantled or altered without permission, the certificate of conformity has been altered or the production date has been torn up without authorization.

2. The appearance of dirt, discoloration, fading, aging and oxidation after the product is used.

For products beyond the warranty period, the company will charge corresponding fees for maintenance according to the cost standard.

1. Within 3 months of ordering for new customers, regular products can be exchanged.

2. Customers who terminate the cooperation are not allowed to return or exchange goods.

3. During the cooperation period, if customers want to exchange goods, they will get 30% off within 3 months and 50% off for half a year. Exchange is not allowed after one year.

Non-after-sales service guarantee scope

If the warranty is beyond the scope of the warranty due to improper use, use environment and force majeure (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc.) or human factors, the repairable company can still provide repair services, but the corresponding repair fee will be charged. Costs, companies that cannot be repaired will no longer provide repair and return services. The details are as follows:

1. Metals:

1)  Structural damage due to improper use and resulting quality problems.

2)  The product is damaged due to poor storage environment and improper inventory management.

2. Plastics:

1)   Quality problems caused by external heat source baking or external pressure during storage and use.

2)  Quality change caused by product working under abnormal conditions.

After-sales service guarantee scope

1. Lighting products under normal circumstances:

1)  Companies who find that the product cannot be used normally due to quality problems after opening the box will be exchanged for free;

2)  If it is found that it does not meet the ordering standards or requirements after receiving the goods, the company can exchange it without using it, and the company will bear the cost;

3)  If the quantity and variety are found to be inconsistent after receiving the goods, they will be exchanged or reissued free of charge upon written confirmation by the regional sales staff;

4)  If the product has quality problems within the warranty period, the company will provide maintenance and replacement services according to service standards;

2. Remarks:

1)  The transportation costs incurred by the above after-sales services shall be borne by the company.

2)  The standard for determining the shelf life of the product: It is calculated from the production date of the company's product.